The campsite

The campsite

The Campsite of this first edition of the Jungle Trailrun Cuba will be located in the Guanayara Park, next to the Casa de la Gallega. In this campsite the participants will spend two nights.

Guanayara Park is a strategic settlement next to Charco Azul River, with calm and crystalline waters, ideal to rest and recovery at the end of Stages 3 and 4. It is the starting point of the Sendero Centinela del Río Melodioso that gives access to the spectacular Cascada Del Rocío and Poza del Venado, suitable for bathing.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be offered in this complex and will be equipped with toilets and showers. Participants will have at their disposal a 245×145 tent, for individual use, identified with the rac bib number of the rider. They will also receive a towel and an insulation mat.

Sleeping bag with minimum comfort temperature of 10º is recommended.

The organization will transfer a package per participant from the Hotel Los Helechos to the Campsite and it must be obligatorily the duffle bag delivered in the verifications and already identified with the bib number. The rest of the luggage will be kept in custody at the Hotel.